Milk Bath Session FAQ

We're so grateful you've decided to create some amazingly dreamy and creative portraits with us. We've taken some time to create a milk bath specific frequently asked questions page. If you have any questions we don't go over here please contact us and we'd be happy to help! 

What should I bring with me and how should i prepare for my my Milk Bath Mini Session? 

We ask that you come into the studio with a freshly showered body and refrain from using any lotions or conditioners. We want squeaky clean skin going into your dreamy milk bath tub. You don't need to prepare your hair in anyway, as it will be wet for this shoot. Making sure it's tangle free would be your only requirement.

We will have a hair and makeup stylist at your shoot. The set is neutral, so don't be afraid to be a little bold with your beauty look! We'll have a rainbows array of lipsticks from you to choose from if you'd like an bold lip look. 

We ask that you bring a robe, towel, change of clothes, and a bag to put your wet items in after the shoot. Anything from a plastic shopping bag to a wet bag works well. You'll also be leaving the studio with wet hair, so please plan accordingly. We recommend showering when you arrive home after your session. Also washing any articles of clothing worn in the milk bath ASAP. Our milk bath is made using 100% organic whole milk, and it will spoil. 

The Milk bath water is not warm. We use a small pool and 100% whole milk. We will allow you time to get acclimated to the water before we begin you shoot. The studio itself will be kept very warm though to compensate.

When should I arrive for my session?

Ideally you will arrive exactly at your session time. We will be dividing our studio using privacy screens to create a holding area if you arrive early.  You will be able to use our restroom after your session to change and clean up.  If you arrive late, we won't be able to make up any lost time as sessions are booked back to back. 

What to wear for your session? 

It depends on your comfort level. We can do anything from tasteful nude with nipples exposed and nude but posed so you are completely covered to an awesome "wreck the dress" session where you can wear your wedding dress and be wrapped in pools of silk! There's also a middle ground of lingerie, bathing suits, and being wrapped in gauzy fabric. We're happy to consult with you on your wardrobe- feel free to contact us! We also have lingerie and props in studio availible to use.