General FAQ

How can I contact you? 

You can reach us by email by clicking here. We will respond normally within the hour, at latest will we return your email within one business day. If you need to reach us sooner, please call (513)503-5154.

Do you offer payment plans?

We do! Payment plans are tailored to your specific financial needs. Just contact us and we can discuss your options. We want everyone to be able to afford the boudoir session of their dreams! 

Do I need a lot of lingerie for a shoot? 

You don't! As long as you bring yourself we'll make you look amazing supplementing what you've got with our Roar Boudoir wardrobe, or even just draping you in a sheet for some va-va-voom bed shots. If you've got the budget and the desire to buy a bunch of new stuff for your shoot, more power to you! Sometimes there's nothing sexier than a tee-shirt and panties. Roar Boudoir also has an extensive supplemental wardrobe. We'll discuss all your options at your initial consultation once your shoot is booked. 

Does Roar Boudoir offer pin-up sessions? 

We would love to help you convey a more vintage, but classic look in your session. Roar Boudoir doesn't offer tradtional pin-up sessions. There's a wealth of studios that already offer pin-up photography in our area, They are quite well established and good at what they do. Roar Boudoir strives  to convey a very specific kind of look and feel in all our shoots, which doesn't include pin-up. We'd be more than happy to offer a recommendation of a local studio that does offer that service.  

Does Roar Boudoir offer couples/best friend sessions? 

While we don't advertise for couples or best friend sessions, we'd be more than happy to discuss whether or not your session would be a good fit for Roar Boudoir. Roar Boudoir can provide you with a custom quote should the session of your dreams include more than one person modelling at a time. All prices listed include only one person modelling- session pricing as listed cannot be split or shared between more than one person.

I'm a male/trans person/crossdresser/ect. Can I schedule a boudoir shoot?

YES! Of course. All bodies are good bodies. Roar Boudoir is a body positive boudoir company. No matter what kind of body your rocking we'd love to show your how beautiful you are!


Given the nature of boudoir photos, we understand some clients are very concerned with privacy. Your contract will have options you can check off regarding the extent to which your photos are shared on social media and the internet. We'd love to show your photos off, because we're proud of every session we do. If you'd prefer us not to, that's fine too. We want to make you comfortable. 

We will never post the last names of our clients on the website. This way your images won't show up in an image search of your full name. While most people we know love their photos, we'd rather protect your privacy in the long run. Even if requested on principle we don't share any of our models last names on this website. If you'd like to share your photos, but are shy about using even your first name we are more than happy to use a pseudonym.

We'll never give your contact information to anyone without your consent. If we are approached by other photographers who would like you to model, we will forward you their information and you can decide whether to contact them or not.

All online galleries will be password protected unless you would prefer them not to be.

If you have any other questions regarding privacy please don't hesitate to call us at any point in time.  


Photoshoot FAQ

Once you've booked your session you'll receive a helpful welcome package with all the information you'll need! But just in case we've compiled a list a frequently asked questions. If you'd like to know anything more just contact us and we'll be more than happy to help you!

What is included in my session?

  • A beautiful location to shoot in. Depending on your shoot day this may included an upscale hotel room, or a beautiful and private studio space.
  • Hair and Makeup is included in our marathon package, and availible as an add on in our Solo Standard and Solo Deluxe sessions. Our stylist will be able to bring out your most beautiful side. From vampy, to innocent, to edgy, to natural beauty we can do it all. Prepare for some pampering!
  • Your session will include a 45 minute to two hour long shoot, depending on which session you book, with two different photographers that offer different points of view, and different editing styles. You'll have a ton of options to chose from for your final prints! This is literally a two for the price of one kind of deal. 
  • A selection of props will be available for you to use at your discretion in your shoot. Things like feather boas, fans, gloves, costume jewelry and more will be available for you to use. 
  • Online galleries are available. Photos will be watermarked and should be used for reference only. For example, should you need to order additional products, you'll have the ability to reference all photos from your shoot. If you'd like high-resolution watermarked digitals they are offered at an additional fee either in our "Digitals Package" or a la carte. 

Booking your session.

  • Check any of our upcoming events as listed on the events page If you'd like to book your session on any of the dates that still have openings we'd love to have you! 
  • If you'd like to book a party please contact us here. Boudoir parties are great for birthdays, bachelorette parties, and so many more occasions! Plus if you decided to continue the celebration by going out on the town, you'll look flawless thanks to our Stylist! We offer discounts for the host based on how many people they can sign up per party. 

Preparing for your boudoir session.

  • However you remove hair on your body, do it the night before. If you shave, wax, or pluck the day of you might have redness or swelling. If you don’t want to remove your body hair, that’s cool too!

  • Come in with a fresh, clean face. Moisturizer is a plus, as long as it doesn't contain SPF. Sunblock doesn't photograph well under studio lighting.

  • Don't bother with your hair and makeup! That's what our stylist is for. We do think it's a good idea to bring your own makeup bag with you as well, so our stylist can get a feel for the types of looks you like. 

  • Bring a few different options for your outfits. Over-packing may be a sin while travelling, but this is one occasion where too much is never a problem. 

  • Don't get a spray tan right before your shoot. It can leave your skin blotchy and uneven. Spray tans also have  a tendency to settle into the fine lines in your skin, instantly making you look older in photos. 

  • Since a lot of shots will be posed as full body, it's a nice touch to have your toe polish match your fingernails. Please remove any chipped or old polish from your nails and toes if you don't intend to get yours done. 

  • Don't wear tight fitting clothing to your shoot. We recommend showing up in sweats or a light dress. You basically don't want anything that's going to leave a mark on your skin before your shoot. They can take hours to fade.

  • Drink lots of water the night before, and try to stay away from alcohol. It can leave your skin dehydrated.

  • Eat something light before your shoot! We know it can be nerve wracking at first, but nerve wracking on an empty stomach is never good. We'll have some light snacks available at your session as well.

What to wear?

The following are just some basic recommendations on what to wear to your shoot. We know that not every woman has had the opportunity to get dressed up like this, and are here to help answer any questions you might have. If this is all overwhelming, we can do great things just wrapping you in a sheet. It's nice to have options though, so it might be good to invest in some other outfits. 

  • Things with texture will create the most interesting photographs! Bring your lace, animal prints, leather, fishnets, sequins, furs!

  • Shoes & Leg-wear 

    • Bring something you feel sexy and powerful wearing. High heels and tall boots are always a good option. Feel free to splurge a little on your shoes, you can always return them after your shoot. ;) 

    • Make sure the bottom of your shoes are fairly clean. Use Goo-Gone on price stickers. Since not all shots of your will be standing, it's a good idea to have your soles looking nice!

    • Socks, tights, thigh highs, panty-hose, and fishnets are all great additions to your shoot. A great place online you can buy some really cute stuff is at Sock Dreams. 

    • Bring a pair of slippers with you, at very least socks. We don't want you to get chilly! 

  • Lingerie

    • Bring whatever panties you feel comfortable in. If you aren't bringing matching lingerie, I would say to at least have a black, white, and nude pair with you. If you are bringing a lingerie set, it's always good to have them match.

    • Teddy's are great for girls that are not as comfortable with their midsection. Although they are not your only option. We promise to make your body looks it's best no matter what you're wearing, if anything at all.

    • You don't have to break the bank to have a good boudoir outfit, good resources that vary in price range from cheap to luxury for lingerie locally are;

      • Dillard's

      • Victoria's Secret

      • Macy's

      • Knickers of Hyde Park

      • Forever 21

      • H & M

      • Anthropolgie

    • Please remove all tags from lingerie before you come in.

    • If your are uncomfortable with your arms, bring a robe or drapey sweater might help you feel more secure. 

  • Props

    • Bringing something of your significant others might be a great idea if your taking photos as a gift. It can be as simple as a favorite shirt or tie. Or it can be as unique as his jersey, fireman's helmet, or armed services uniform. We'll work our best to incorporate anything you'd like in your session.

    • If you'd like to do a themed shoot please consult with us and we'll let you know what kind of props would be good to purchase and which ones we already have.

    • We have a selection of props like feather boas, fans, gloves, headpieces, and costume jewelry. If you have something specific in mind, please let us know.  We also carry a selection of lingerie- if you're interested in using some of our wardrobe please let us know! 


Once you are booked we will send you all the information you'll need to prepare for your shoot! If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us!