Payment Plans

We want you to be able to get the boudoir session of your dreams! We here at Roar Boudoir understand that your boudoir session in an investment. Even though we'll hope you'll come back for a repeat session, it can even sometimes be a once in a lifetime experience. We'll work with your budget! We have two options if you need more time to pay of your session or any products you'd like to order. If you have any questions about the following options, please don't hesitate to ask! 

Our Payment Plan

Roar and the Client decide in advance an amount and frequency that you would pay.

If you're booking a session you would pay the 25% retainer up front. The retainer is required to book any session, and no session can be held until the retainer is paid and a contract is signed. After you've paid your 25% down we would discuss how often you're able to pay, that normally would coincide with your paycheck. Then you would figure out how much you could afford per pay period and that's what we'd agree to be paid. If you were booking a marathon session your invoice might break down like this: 

Marathon Session - $350

Hamilton County Sales Tax (7%) - 24.50

Total- $374.50

Retainer - 93.63

Remainder Due: 280.87

Our payment plans are highly customizable. You would be able to pay the remainder due in a timeline that fits your budget.  Following our example above, it would break down similar to these options

(4 Installment Payment Plan) - 70.22 Per  Payment

(6 Installment Payment Plan) -  46.81 Per Payment

While we can shoot your session before you are paid in full, no photos can be released or products delivered until your invoice is paid in full. 



A Paypal Credit Line

The Client applies for a line of credit through Paypal. All our invoices are payable through Paypal, so this can effectively fiance your boudoir session. 

If you are interested in opening a line of credit for your session,  one way you are able to do that is through Paypal credit lines. Here at Roar Boudoir all our invoices are digital, and can be paid using Paypal credit, or any other credit card, if you so desire. One benefit of a credit line vs. our payment plan is that Roar Boudoir is being paid up front. There's no wait on product or photos as with our payment plan. Paypal and the client handle paying off the session without Roar Boudoir's involvement. You are essential able to create your own payment plan.

If you're interested in utilizing this as a way to pay for your session, you can apply by clicking here. 

Roar Boudoir is not affiliated with Paypal.  All credit line payments would be made to Paypal.