Cincinnati Boudoir Photographer: Anonymous and Dark

We've been hard at work this bridal season, and are a bit behind with our blog posts. First up in our scheduled postings we have a georgous, darker, anonymous boudoir session. 

Cincinnati Boudoir Photographer: Like A Painting

Sometimes it's nice to let the photos speak for themselves. We're loving the way our new backdrop gives us kind of a classic oil painting look. It doesn't hurt that Miss B is an absolute stunner! Thank you for letting us share some of your images. You should check out how beautiful she looks in the photos below too! 

Cincinnati Boudoir Photographer: Miss J

Even though we're slammed in the middle of bridal season, we're trying to get caught up on our blog posts. We had the lovely Miss J join us in the studio for a session recently. She rocked it out and created some amazing images. Thank you Miss J for letting us share some of your beautiful photos! 

Cincinnati Boudoir Photographer : Fishnets & Velvet Boudoir

We had so much fun in studio with Miss R. We played with some new lighting set ups and got some amazing photos! We also were able to shoot a behind the scenes video too, so make sure to check that out above as well! Thanks fo joining us Miss R. We can't wait to have you back! 

Cincinnati Boudoir Photographer: Black and Pink Miss K.

During our last bridal show we had a contest where one lucky winner would get a free boudoir session with us. Miss K. was out lucky winner, and we had such a blast shooting with her! Here's are just a few of her final images, we had so much fun pairing her hair up to some of our pink backdrops. Miss K has already mentioned coming in again, and we can't wait to have her back! In her own words:

"Anna and Paige were wonderful to work with! I won a shoot through a contest. They were great at posing and making you feel comfortable while looking your best, plus they're all about body positivity! They also have nice quality packages plus payment plans, so you don't have to pay it all at once if you're on a budget! Their studio is cute with different backdrops and sets. I had fun before the shoot when we did hair and make up, they even had wine! 10/10 recommend."