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Cincinnati & Dayton Boudoir Photographer: Green With Envy

Miss F came in to create an absolutely gorgeous gift for her husband. I love how she rocked jewel tones, they are universally flattering to all our clients! Once you book your session we send you our do’s and don’ts for lingerie shopping. You’ll know exactly what works best for your photoshoot! Miss F. was such a pleasure to have in the studio - I know Mr. F loved his gift. Better yet I know that Miss F loved the images as well. Thank you so much for letting us share just a few of your stunning images!

Cincinnati & Dayton Boudoir Photographer: Finger Lickin' Good.

A lot of my clients at Roar Boudoir turn into friends. Sometimes I meet a client whose just a little left of center, like me. When you get an email asking if they can bring, and be photographed with a bucket of fried chicken you book that shoot ASAP. Miss C. was seriously so amazing to have in the studio. I hope she comes back with another, out there, yet awesome request. She was gracious enough to let me share her images, I think they turned out beautifully!

We still have a few session open in time for Christmas Delivery, so don’t hesitate to contact me to book!

Cincinnati Boudoir Photographer: Milk Bath Beauty

We introduced our milk bath sessions as our first creative mini shoot. Milk bath shoots are super popular with many of our client's thanks to the boho, ethereal look it can give. Maternity and beauty shoot both look amazing in our milk bath set! In addition to being able to book the milk bath set in our creative mini sessions, you can also add the milk bath session on to any solo session! 

Our beautiful client featured in this blog post opted to include it, and we think her photos came out absolutely marvelously! We also wanted to thank her for allowing us to share some of her favorites.