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Cincinnati Boudoir Photographer: Stockings with Bows

Miss S. was a total blast to shoot! We loved everything she brought. From the gold lame bikini, to her fedora, and most of all her stockings with bows. Thank you even more for allowing us to share a few photos of you that we absolutely love. Miss S. was a total peach, she even told us that it was "a shame we couldn't do this every weekend!". We agree, we'll totally help you find an excuse to come back! 


Cincinnati Boudoir Studio - Miss L.

Miss L. is one beautiful bad ass babe! We were so happy to have in her in Roar Studios this past weekend. She'd just come off of an MMA fight the day before, how cool is that? Our clients are all so talented, Miss L. being no expection. We love the finished images for her shoot, and are so flattered she's allowing us to share them with you! 

Awesome ladies! Professional, creative. They made me feel so comfortable! The studio and lingerie are beautiful, so many options. And the stylist Destiny is great too! I loved everything about it!
Cincinnati Boudoir Photographer - Miss A. @ Roar Boudoir Studios

Miss A. heard about our studio in one our favorite ways. Her best friend had recently had a session done and couldn't wait to share what a great experience she had. When Miss A. saw her photos she knew she had to come and book a session herself. We loved having her in the studio. We've been working on so many new sets recently, and it's awesome we finally can share a taste of those with all of our readers. We've been having a blast on the boho inspired set, as well as our wintery inspired fur set. We adore all the photos we've been getting from our recent sessions. That's one of the best things about having your own dedicated boudoir space, the total creative control! 

*All images and videos posted wth explicit client permission in writing. You are never required to share your photos online. We are more than happy to keep your shoot private.