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Cincinnati Boudoir Photographer - Miss P

Miss P. came into our studio for her photo viewing, opened up the envelope and said,

"Who is this? Are you sure these are my photos?" We reassured her that yes, indeed these were her photos.

"Oh. I'm beautiful." 

Cue the sound of our hearts melting! It's so amazing what seeing yourself through someone else's lens can do for your self esteem. We knew Miss P. was already beautiful, and to be able to show her that - Well it's why we do what we do! She's letting us show you guys too! Look at how amazing she looks!

Cincinnati Boudoir Photography - Miss K.

Miss K. was such a joy to work with! She was excited about her shoot through the entire process, and was so fun to shoot. Miss K. ordered one of our little black books to give to her husband. He was blown away by the photos. Here's what she told us:

"So after the big reveal last night a few of the feedback statements from my husband were, "You look so beautiful," "They did a great job!" "I'm so proud of you," and so on...  So needless to say I am super happy!!! "

Originally Miss K. had wanted to keep her photos private, but after seeing them at her photo delivery meeting both her and her husband totally wanted us to share some our their favorite shots. Thank you so much for allowing us to shoot with you! Check out some of her stunning images below.

Cincinnati Boudoir Photography - Julie G.

We had the distinct pleasure to photograph Julie G. a few weeks ago at the delicious Queen City Vignette studio.  The light, the props, this bombshell babe; it was perfection! On a related note...if you love this set up and would like a photo shoot here, we're hosting a Marathon shoot in this location on August 22nd so contact us today to reserve your spot!

Julie's a great person to be around.  She's smart, sassy, has a great sense of humor, is an absolute knockout, and she knows her way around a cocktail.  My kinda girl!   I love the little emerald green teddy she's wearing in these first shots, jewel tones always make for really dramatic photos and this green really compliments her blonde hair and that super fun red lip! 

Thanks so much Julie for posing for these excellent images!  

If you like what you see, sign up for our August 22nd shoot, we've currently got 2 spots left!