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Cincinnati Boudoir Photographer: Boss Lady

We're so honored that Miss L let us share some of the images from her session! She's also a fellow woman who runs a business. We connected on not only our the struggles and joys of running your own business as women but how important it is to take care of yourself and appreciate that womanhood. Her shots turned out beautiful, and we're so happy we get to show our blog readers as well. Thank you so much Miss L! 

Cincinnati Boudoir Photographer - Miss P

Miss P. came into our studio for her photo viewing, opened up the envelope and said,

"Who is this? Are you sure these are my photos?" We reassured her that yes, indeed these were her photos.

"Oh. I'm beautiful." 

Cue the sound of our hearts melting! It's so amazing what seeing yourself through someone else's lens can do for your self esteem. We knew Miss P. was already beautiful, and to be able to show her that - Well it's why we do what we do! She's letting us show you guys too! Look at how amazing she looks!