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Cincinnati Boudoir Photographer: The Ultimate Pick Me Up

Miss C. had scheduled a shoot with us pretty far in advance. She was excited and ready for the session up until about the week before. She had some bad news come up and emailed us about canceling her session. She told us her self-confidence was really low and she didn't think she was up to it. We urged her to reconsider and she reluctantly agreed to do the shoot. We're so glad she did! Not only did love her photos, and was amazed about how awesome she felt about herself and her body after she viewed the photos. "You guys were totally right!" She said viewing each amazing image after amazing image. Another added bonus is that we gained an awesome friend, hot off what we hope will be the first of many nights where we share a bottle of wine. We love it when clients turn into good friends! 

Cincinnati Boudoir Studio - Miss. L

Miss L. came to us to do a boudoir session for her upcoming nuptials. She ended up ordering one of our Big Black Books, which we're told was very well received by her lucky groom. Sometimes the best gift to give can be yourself! Miss L. graciously allowed us to share a few of her favorite photos with you, and we're so glad she did. We absolutely love her high waisted garter panty. Here at Roar Boudoir we're constantly trying to dispel the myth that a high waisted panty is a "Granny Panty". When you find something high waisted that fits you properly, it can do wonderful things for you body! Case in point, when Miss L. put her black set on, our jaws dropped. Miss L. is beautiful no matter what she wears, but that lingerie set accented her awesome curves amazingly well. Miss L. loved her photos, and we're so glad she chose to work with Roar Boudoir! 

Cincinnati Boudoir Photographer - Lauren S.

One of the best parts of this job is meeting people outside your social circle. Lauren is such a great example of that! She's another local business woman who we totally clicked with as soon as she arrived. She even brought us the most amazing gifts. Her shoot went so well! We have so many amazing photos to share with you.

She just tied the knot, and gave her hubby some of our products. Her photos made such a good gift for the lucky groom leading up to your wedding. Celebrate the beauty of your body!  Thanks so much for giving us permission to share Lauren! 

The beautiful and amazing Lauren!