Cincinnati Boudoir Photography - Ashley E.

Ashley was nervous before her shoot, not that you can tell by her photos. Sometimes it can be very head to get into the right mindset to do your boudoir session. It's easy to let your self doubt and body insecurities get the better you. After taking a couple shots I shower her the first photo below. She said something akin to "How are you making me look like that?" To which I responded, "It's not that hard when you already do look like that, I couldn't show you something that wasn't there!". It's really true, sometimes it can really take an outside eye for a woman to understand how beautiful she really is! As women, we can be totally, devastatingly, hard on ourselves -  often for no good reason at all. Like Ashley, I promise you're beautiful too, even if you don't realize it at this second. 

I'm so glad ashley was willing to let us share these photos with you, and I hope you can appreciate her beauty as much as we do!