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Cincinnati Boudoir Session - Lexi

Here's another Roar Studio 201 shoot from this past weekend. We're absolutely loving the new space and the freedom it's giving us creatively! 

Lexi was an absolute pleasure to work with! We're also obsessed with her hair! I mean how could you not be? Shooting with Lexi just felt like some girl time, which is one of my favorite types of shoots. There's seriously nothing better than being able to let your guard down and just have a blast on set. Thank you so much Lexi for letting us share your awesome shoot! 

In her own words: 

"The wonderful ladies at Roar Boudoir took all of the worry out of the experience! With help posing, encouragement throughout, and sneak peeks from the back of the camera, they had me completely comfortable which is tough to be in your undies! They are wonderful, professional, and completely welcoming. I am not the model body type by any means, and they had me looking and feeling like a supermodel. The photos I got back are breathtaking. I cannot thank Roar Boudoir enough for making me feel so beautiful!!!" 


Thanks again for letting us share! You're beautiful! 

Cincinnati Boudoir Session - Minimalist Miss D.

Miss D. was our first official shoot in one of our two new studio spaces. We've been renovating both studios these past few months and finally have one finished and ready for shooting! Roar Boudoir Studio 201 is our modern and bright space. It's super versatile and has an awesome selection of furniture and props to work with. 

We were both super excited to actually get into our new space and have complete control over our shoots. It's a total breath of fresh air in comparison to on location shooting (which we still love as well!). There's so many new goodies that come along with it. All different kinds of lighting, backdrops, props and poses. What a great time to flex some creative muscles! 

Miss D. was our very first shoot in Studio 201. She was such a joy to photograph and was open to our direction which made the shoot a breeze. We even used a very minimal wardrobe selection. You don't need any fancy lingerie to do boudoir! Destiny came in with a simple black bra and panties, and a white button up shirt. Her images came out so beautifully, and we're so proud to share them. Thank you so much Destiny for allowing us to share these wonderful shots! You're Beautiful!


Amazing right? Studio 201 has been a complete success so far, and we can't wait to share what's going on at Studio 300 once that's done this august as well! Where Studio 201 is modern and bright, Studio 300 will be dark, moody, and timeless. So excited for you to watch us grow!