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Cincinnati & Dayton Boudoir Photographer : The Perfect Present

Miss E. wanted the perfect Christmas present for her husband, and did she ever deliver. We had so many clients come in this holiday season to create stunning gifts for themselves and their partners this year. It’s one of my favorite “busy seasons” for the studio. I know that Miss. E’s partner loved the photos, and the topping on the cake is their now expecting their first child! Talk about the real perfect present. Thank you so much for letting me share your beautiful images!

We’re also gearing up for our first busy season of the new year here at the studio, I love seeing all the lovebirds flocking into the studio this time year. If you’re looking to get photos before valentines day contact me ASAP! Our books are nearly full for delivery by valentine’s day!

Cincinnati Boudoir Testimonial - Body Positivity at its Best

Here at the Roar Boudoir Studios we pride ourselves in the fact that we genuinely believe in the power of self-image, but very rarely are we rewarded with such an encouraging story as this. Miss K came to us in September for a photoshoot, she was absolutely thrilled with her final images and after showing them to her husband sent us an email explaining just how much her session meant to her.  She asked that we keep her anonymous, so is referred to here with a pseudonym.

You guys are amazing and did such an awesome job!! I had so much fun and felt so surprisingly comfortable doing the shoot. I love all of the poses that you knew to do. They're all very flattering to my body. I love how you edited everything and softened all of the photos without editing out every single detail of my body because, as you said, it is me...and I do love my body, quirks and flaws and all!
On a more serious note, you ladies have no idea what you have done for how I feel about my body right now. This kind of happened with perfect timing. I had a very unexpected miscarriage in March. I was 12 weeks along, which is when everyone tells you you're pretty "safe" to feel sure about everything. It was devastating, and we have been struggling with getting pregnant again since then. I have been having a daily hate relationship with my body for the past several months because of all of that. Not with how I look, but with how it's working. And I want to tell you that doing this shoot has really changed that for me. The way I felt during the shoot, how excited my husband was about it when I came home from the shoot, how much I love all of the photos and feel not just hot but beautiful when I see them. You have no idea what that has done for my frame of mind. 
So I just want to thank you for such an awesome experience! Like I said, I am telling all of my friends that they need to try this out sometime. And maybe when I show them some of the photos, they will get on board with it! You ladies rock, and you are doing wonderful things for women. I hope your business continues to thrive and burst at the seams with customers!

We were so touched by her message and thanked her for sharing her story with us.  A few months later she wrote us again!

Hi Anna and Paige! I just wanted to write you to tell you once again how much my photos mean to me. I mentioned to you guys that I had a miscarriage earlier this year and was having trouble getting pregnant.  My boudoir photo shoot made me love my body again, and my husband absolutely loves the photos.  Well, I have an update...I'm pregnant!  I will be 12 weeks (the "safe zone" of the second trimester) on the day after Christmas.  I can't help but feel that my photo shoot did something to help this.  I think it took a lot of stress off of me when I regained my good relationship with my body.  And stress can negatively affect a lot of things with your body.  Aaand...I got pregnant the same month that I got my photos back from you guys.  Just sayin...!  Now that I'm in the "do I look chubby or do I look pregnant" awkward first phase of pregnancy, it's very nice to be able to look at my photos and say "See, it's okay.  I'm still a hottie."
You guys are wonderful.  I hope you have a very Merry Christmas!

We've never felt more strongly that we're doing good things! Most of us struggle inwardly with our self-image, putting ourselves down for being something less than perfect, when we're all human, we are none of us perfect, and we all need to learn to love and accept ourselves and others as we are. It's for women like Miss K that we do and love this work.  Join us in wishing her a hearty congratulations!