Cincinnati Boudoir Photographer - Your Privacy

Given the nature of boudoir photos, we understand some clients are very concerned with privacy. Most of the photos posted on this website are from our ad shoots. Ad shoots are done for free- with the models knowing full and well that their images are going to be posted on social media. 

As far as clients who aren't part of Ad Shots (deluxe shoots, parties, solo shoots ect.) your contract will have options you can check off regarding the extent to which your photos are shared on social media and the internet. We'd love to show your photos off, because we're proud of every session we do. If you'd prefer us not to, that's fine too. We want to make you comfortable. 

We will never post the last names of our clients on the website. This way your images won't show up in an image search of your full name. While most people we know love their photos, we'd rather protect your privacy in the long run. Even if requested on principle we don't share any of our models last names on this website. If you'd like to share your photos, but are shy about using even your first name we are more than happy to use a pseudonym.

We'll never give your contact information to anyone without your consent. If we are approached by other photographers who would like you to model, we will forward you their information and you can decide whether to contact them or not.

All online galleries will be password protected unless you would prefer them not to be.

If you have any other questions regarding privacy please don't hesitate to contact us at any point.