Cincinnati Boudoir Photographer - A Testimonial

We love it when we receive reviews on our facebook page.  We strive to make your Roar Boudoir Experience everything you ever hoped it could be. To see validation that it was all that and more is the best present you could ever give a small business owner. Some of our clients don't use facebook and send us emails. We got a great one yesterday we wanted to share with you! 

"I absolutely loved my boudoir experience.  Anna and Paige were very professional while still being super fun!  They met with me before the shoot to go over what I would need and to give me suggestions.  In the weeks leading up to the shoot I would contact them for more suggestions and they always replied quickly.  On the day of the shoot I was very nervous.  The nervousness quickly went away when greeted by Anna, Paige, and Destiny.  They were so cheerful throughout the whole shoot.  Since I do not have long hair I brought a wig and Destiny was able to style it for me and let me say that she did an amazing job on my makeup.  I've had my makeup done several times and she did best out of everyone.  The shoot was great and I could tell that Paige and Anna loved what they do.  I had 3 outfits of my own and they suggested one of their own.  I left that day feeling beautiful.  We met a little over a week later so I could see my finished pictures and they exceeded my expectations.  The pictures looked so great that I couldn't stop looking at them.    Paige and Anna are very talented.  I would recommend Roar Boudoir to everyone.  If you're reading this trying to decide whether or not you want to do a shoot with these wonderful ladies then please do it.  You will not be disappointed and you will have so much fun!"