Will Roar Boudoir Share My Photos Online?

"Will you share my photos online?"

That has to be the number one question asked by all our clients. The answer is simple, only if you want us to. When you decide to shoot with Roar Boudoir we have a few options you can check off on your contract, they are as follows: 

Please do not share my images online.
I will allow Roar Boudoir to showcase my images online.
I will allow Roar Boudoir to showcase my images online as long as my identity is kept anonymous and my face is at least partially obscured.

You simply check which option you'd like, and we leave it at that. Many of our clients keep their photos private- We are totally fine with that! We enjoy the Roar Boudoir experience as much as our clients, and love seeing their faces when we deliver their images to them. It is in no way required that we share them with anyone but the model of the photograph. 

We often have clients who initially check private on their contracts change their minds after they see their finished photos. "You have to share these online! I look so hot!" has been said by more than one client after their viewings. At that point we'd add an amendment to your contract. While such an in depth contract may seem like overkill to some, we want to be very clear with our clients so they know explicitly how we will share their images if they desire us to. 

When you decide to let us share your images, you pick which of your finished images we are able to share at your viewing session. Everything is always in your hands! 

A new and popular option we now have is to share your images anonymously. We give you a snazzy fake name and only share photos in which your face is obscured.  A lot of clients have love this middle ground option, and we love making our clients happy! 

Roar Boudoir is all about putting power and confidence in the hands of our clients. We won't share any photos from your session ever unless you allow us to, and we've got it in writing. Making you happy, and protecting your privacy is our number one concern!