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Cincinnati Boudoir Photographer: Red Heads Do It Better

Wishing everyone a beautiful thanksgiving. Today at Roar we're thankful for this amazing woman who recently celebrated how beautiful she was with us in the studio. Thank you so much for letting us share some of your images- We had a blast at the session!

Cincinnati Boudoir Photography - Rebecca W.

Rebecca contacted us after seeing our interview over at Cincinnati Refined.  She was such a joy to work with and so easy to shoot. Like most of our clients she was nervous before her shoot, but said we made her feel at ease from the get go. She told us that she had wished boudoir photography had been something that was an option when she was younger, but I commend her for booking with us now! Just remember, your body is beautiful now, wherever you're at. We just want to help you see that! Thank you so much Rebecca for letting us photograph you! I'm so glad you enjoyed the experience as much as you did. 

So beautiful right? Thanks again Rebecca W.  for letting us share some beautiful images from your shoot!