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Tan Lines, & What To Do About Them.

So you've scheduled a boudoir shoot! How exciting! You've got everything planned and are ready for your shoot when suddenly you realize- You have tan lines. We deal with this a lot, especially in the summer. We are able to minimize a lot of tan lines in our editing process. Although It's easier and looks more natural to deal with it before your shoot. Tan line happen to the best of us, even Paige who religiously wears SPF 55 everyday. We've got a few tips on what to do about them.

Tan lines aren't always an issue! The client above had tan lines in the shoulder area, and we still think the image is beautiful! 

Tan lines aren't always an issue! The client above had tan lines in the shoulder area, and we still think the image is beautiful! 

Tip #1 Do Nothing.

This may seem counterproductive, but sometime's it's a good idea just to embrace your body. A lot of people find tan lines super sexy. We here to cater to what you think the best version of you looks like! If you love your tan lines, we love your tan lines! Our post production techniques often have the benefit of softening the edge of tan lines in your finished photos.

Tip #2 Preventative Care.

Most of our clients schedule their boudoir shoot two months out. That's plenty of time to repair and diminish any sunburn or tan you've got. Wear SPF daily, exfoliate, and limit your sun exposure. If you're concerned about tan lines, best not to schedule your beach vacation the week before your shoot. That is unless it's a nude beach and you can get bronze, sans lines. If you're worried about not being tan enough for your shoot, let me reassure you that's never an issue. You will look amazing on your shoot day no matter the shade of your skin! 

Tip #3 At Home Care.

So despite all your best efforts you somehow managed to get tan lines before your shoot. It's alright! If you've got some time there's nothing a little exfoliating, moisturizing, and gradual self tanner can't help. Focus your exfoliate near the edges of you tan line. Gradually build the self tanner color over a couple of days. Don't forget to wash your hands thoroughly after application. 

Tip #4 Hide It.

When all else fails, pick outfits for your boudoir shoot that will minimize or completely hide your tan lines. If your bathing suit is a bandeau top, try a bandeau style bra. Work one of our feather boas or fur stoles to hide your problem area. There are so many creative draping techniques we can use!

Tip# Let The Pros Handle It.

Sometimes you've just gotta let a pro handle it. Getting a spray tanner to even out your tan lines is a wonderful option. Two studios comes highly recommended to us! Consult with them on the best time and methods on dealing with your tan lines. Let them know that Roar Boudoir recommended you! 

Peaches Skin Care & Afterglow

Do you have any skin care tips you'd like to share? Let us know in the comments below! 

Boudoir Myths

You will post my photos online.

Not unless you want us to! Our website is filled with beautiful boudoir photos of people who have given us their explicit consent to post them online.When we meet with clients for our initial consultation we go over our contract. There’s a few options on the amount of sharing online you’d like to allow us to do with your photos. One option is to keep them completely private. We’re okay with that! For every shoot we post online, there are several which stay offline. Your privacy is our number one concern. We also have many clients who change their minds after we deliver photos and ask us to PLEASE post them online, after originally asking us to keep them private. Either way it’s in your hands. Whatever you're comfortable with is what we’ll do!

I need to lose weight before I book my shoot. 

You are beautiful right now, even if you don’t see it yet. A big part of the job of a professional photographer is understanding how to pose the human form. We will make whatever size body you’re rocking look amazing! When you look good, it makes us look good. We’ll be able to minimize your not so favorite features and accentuate your stunning ones. Soft curves can make for some ethereal looking photos! We’ll pose you right down to your pinky toes, so take a deep breath and let the professionals make you look your best!

I can’t afford it.

That might not be true. While I understand everyone’s budgets are vastly different, we can offer you some options. We only require the retainer down to reserve your spot. It’s usually 25% of your total package price. We also offer payment plans and other budget friendly options. Contact us now to see how we can help you get the photo-shoot of your dreams!

I don’t own enough/any lingerie.

You don’t need to! While lingerie is fun, is not something you need. We’ve had clients come to the studio without anything, and make them look beautiful wrapped up a sheet. We also offer some pieces and accessories for use. If you’re interested in borrowing something, we ask you bring three things, a pair of black, nude, and white underwear. We can match you up with something great if you’ve got those basics down! If you’re looking for guidance, were more than happy to go shopping with you as part of your initial consultation. We love to get clients properly fitted for bras. A proper fit ensures that your breasts are supported, and in effect, makes the rest of your body look great!

I don’t have anyone I would give my photos to.

Yes you do! Boudoir is an amazing gift to give yourself. While a lot of our clients do boudoir as way to celebrate a wedding or anniversary, even more do it just for themselves. There’s no bigger confidence boost than seeing yourself as the beautiful person you are. There’s nothing like being pampered for the day and having the photos to prove it! Celebrate how strong, beautiful, loving, patient, or bad ass you are now. Don’t wait on someone else.