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Cincinnati Boudoir Photography: Client Testimonial

We often get clients that would like to keep their sessions with Roar Boudoir a more private affair. That is absolutely fine! We value and respect your privacy here. Sometimes those same clients want a way to sing our praises from the rooftops but aren't comfortable with posting a review under their real name. We often get emails like this and thought I'd take some time to share a few sweet sentiments that we'd received. 


"My personal session at Roar was a transformative experience.  I am 48 and have been successful in many areas of my life.  However, I still struggle with being "at war" with my overweight body.   While the Roar studio has a sweet, humble first appearance, the interior was soon transformed into a dazzling suite at the Ritz!  The environment of hospitality and professionalism put me at ease from the minute I arrived. Becci styled my hair and did brilliant makeup work as I sat in the director's chair sipping 'bubbly' listening to my favorite music.  

While I relaxed, Roar Boudoir prepared the sets and arranged my outifts together and put me at ease before my session.  It was so friendly and matter-of-fact!  In no time, they were warmly guiding me through the modeling process with care and competence.  Soon, I forgot my fears and was "hanging out and playing dress-up”. I was posing, changing outfits, and moving about the sets with my new best girlfriends!

I drove home later that evening thinking 'WOW.  That was just incredible. I would do that again in a minute!"  Thank you Roar Boudoir for your 'Magic'!  I am grateful that you gave me “new eyes” by showing me fabulous I am in my own skin!"


"Roar boudoir is something every woman should do at least once in their life!  I am no supermodel, but these women made me feel 20 again at almost 40 years old.  The pictures turned out stunning.  Roar Boudoir's photography skills are killer.  

Destiny did my hair and makeup and was wonderful, I felt so pampered and pretty.  It felt like just a fun day with my close girlfriends, chatting about our lives and laughing I felt so comfortable with them and was not the least bit embarrassed once it was time to get close to naked and act sexy. I was enjoying myself so much that I was sad when the time was up!  It was a gift for my husband, but ended up being much more for myself."

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Cincinnati Boudoir Photographer: An Anonymous Testimonial

All of us here at Roar Boudoir are truly blessed to be able to do what we love, and have an impact on women's lives. We often get emails from our clients telling us how much they loved their shoot, and how beautiful their photos make them  feel. Our goal from the inception of Roar Boudoir was to show every one of our Clients how beautiful they really are, and I'm proud to say we've been upholding that goal 100%! We'd like to share a testimonial one of our recent Clients emailed us. She has asked to remain anonymous, and we're happy to oblige. 

For anybody looking into having a boudoir shoot I would say, just do it! I looked into having a shoot done as a wedding gift for my fiancee, and before I decided to do it I did a LOT of research. I can honestly say, I kind of wanted to do this for me as well, because I have just never seen myself and gorgeous or sexy. I was, however, for the same reason very nervous about the shoot. I met with Paige and Anna before the shoot just to talk about how it would go and to get ideas, from the first time I met them to the shoot they put my mind so at ease and they were a blast to work with, along with their stylist Destiny. I had so much fun on my shoot! They all had me laughing in no time, trying things that may have seemed so ridiculous at the time, but created fantastic photographs The way they work together as photographers is awesome to watch as well. What they created is a true work of art, and while I didn't think that a boudoir shoot was something I would ever spend the money on again I really can't wait to find an excuse do it again! The only thing I regret was having to decide between the photos to create the album. I can't wait to give my album to my husband on the night of our wedding and see his reaction! (And I might have to hide the album from myself so I don't stare at it, ha ha!)

I am still so in love with my photos and cannot wait to get my album! I will truly be hard pressed to give it up to my sister to hide it until my wedding day, but I know it will be a hit! With my house rennovation and wedding planning every week has been so hectic, but not a week goes by that I don't stop to look at my photos at some point because I am still so over the moon in love with them! I haven't had super self conscious issues but I have never looked at my self as really beautiful, but these photos make me feel much more than just beautiful. When I look at them I think maybe I see what my fiancee has been seeing all along, thank you for that! It is just a matter of time before I find a reason to have another photo shoot with you! (And I can't wait to see what changes have happened to your studio :) )