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What makes Roar Boudoir Different.

Boudoir has gotten a something of a popularity boost this past year. We know it can be sometimes difficult to figure out who to hire when it comes to your boudoir photography session. So we decided to do a post on what makes us different, to help you find your perfect photographer.


Paige and Anna shoot every session together. While it's an unorthodox way of shooting- we love it! Our shooting and editing styles are different, you'll end up with more options at the end of your shoot. Creativity is fiercely personal, and even when shooting the exact same subject we end up with such different results! The side by side shots below are the same set and client, taken seconds apart! 

You're getting double the photographer, viewpoints, and creativity for your money! 


Boudoir demands a certain level of respect for privacy. We always make that our number one concern, and our studio supports that. Other photographers might only offer hotel, in home, or session in a rented space from another photographer. We occasionally love getting out of the studio as well, new space can bring new inspiration. We enjoy having shared rental spaces as one option, not our only one.

We offer a dedicated studio space to shoot, deliver images, and have client gatherings in! We are the only tenants of our studio space, and plan on keeping it that way. You'll never have someone showing up to your sessions due to scheduling complications.

Having a studio of our own also means we're able to curate what kinds of props, furniture, backdrops, and lighting we want in our sessions. We own everything we shoot with in our studio from our lights to our chaise lounges. More control in environment will lead to more beautiful photos for you!  

After your shoot is complete we can deliver your images in studio, keeping your finished product for your eyes only. We're also available to meet you at our studio to discuss any concerns you might have in person. In fact, we host an open house on the last Friday of most months. Check out our events page if you'd like to stop by! 


Some photographers have little to no contact with clients before their boudoir shoots. Some even charge for pre-shoot consultations.  While that might work for them, it's not what we do. Boudoir is an, excuse my pun, very revealing albeit amazing experience. We want to know you, your story, and how boudoir is going to help you celebrate how wonderful your body is! We take time before our shoots to meet with almost all our clients in person or via Skype where distance is an issue. We talk about everything you'll need to know for your session, there are no surprises. We'll even be more than happy to help you find the best wardrobe for your shoot! Having a connection with your photographers is important. If you're anxious or stressed during your shoot, it might read that way in the photo. We want to do everything we can to make sure you are comfortable and enjoy your session. 

Because we shoot with two photographers, you get double the support, especially during your session. Clients have told us many times that shooting with us feels as if their just hanging out with old friends. We love our clients, and are so happy we make them feel comfortable! 

Anna and Paige also deliver and design all your finished images and products. Everything is edited in house. Your photos stay with us from the shoot until we deliver them to you! We love giving our clients their finished photos in our studio. Being able to be present when people see how beautiful they are, sometimes for the first time, is a powerful experience. It's one of the biggest reasons we started Roar. 


As women we understand that it can be very threatening to be so exposed and having a male present- whether that is your photographer or a member of the support staff. While this isn't an issue for everyone, and certainly not meant to dismiss the merits of any other male photographer in our industry, it's still important for some of our clients.  Seeing your body as beautiful, powerful and sexy is an amazing healing tool. We want you to feel safe, loved, and beautiful. This is one reason we are fully staffed only by women.  While this isn't an issue for all our clients, we want to protect the ones whom it is an issue for.  Our space is safe for any client, no matter their gender or sexual orientation. If you have any concerns about past experiences influencing your session please let us know.


We believe with every fiber of our being that everyone's bodies are beautiful.  From super models, to the curviest forms, to people with disabilities and everywhere in between; you are perfect as you are.  Everyone has issues with their bodies, don't let that stop you from seeing how beautiful it is as a whole. Appreciate everything it does for you, celebrate your battle scars and stretch marks! Every little "flaw" is part of you, and makes you who you are. Roar boudoir wants to bring out a beautiful version of you! 

Being body positive is also the reason we don't do "before and after" photos. There is nothing inherently "better" about our photos than the everyday you. All of you is beautiful, and sometimes it's nice to see a different facet. We want the Roar Boudoir experience to take center stage. The process, the building of body confidence, and the fun is what's most important to us!


We don't discriminate, period. Not every client is our client, and that's okay. While we might not be the photographer for you for a myriad of other reasons, the color of your skin, your gender, or your sexual orientation won't be one of them. We celebrate everyone, no matter the body they come in!