Cincinnati & Dayton Boudoir Photographer: Green With Envy

Miss F came in to create an absolutely gorgeous gift for her husband. I love how she rocked jewel tones, they are universally flattering to all our clients! Once you book your session we send you our do’s and don’ts for lingerie shopping. You’ll know exactly what works best for your photoshoot! Miss F. was such a pleasure to have in the studio - I know Mr. F loved his gift. Better yet I know that Miss F loved the images as well. Thank you so much for letting us share just a few of your stunning images!

Cincinnati & Dayton Boudoir Photographer : The Perfect Present

Miss E. wanted the perfect Christmas present for her husband, and did she ever deliver. We had so many clients come in this holiday season to create stunning gifts for themselves and their partners this year. It’s one of my favorite “busy seasons” for the studio. I know that Miss. E’s partner loved the photos, and the topping on the cake is their now expecting their first child! Talk about the real perfect present. Thank you so much for letting me share your beautiful images!

We’re also gearing up for our first busy season of the new year here at the studio, I love seeing all the lovebirds flocking into the studio this time year. If you’re looking to get photos before valentines day contact me ASAP! Our books are nearly full for delivery by valentine’s day!

Cincinnati & Northern Kentucky Boudoir Studio: Maternity Milk Bath Session

I don’t get to do as many maternity sessions as I would like to do. A boudoir session with our milk bath set is an amazing way to capture your beautiful changing body. At the studio we totally understand that sometimes it can be hard to feel sexy during pregnancy and we want to help show you that you already are. Not only will you get sexy yet classy images that you won’t be shy to share, you’ll get a confidence boost and a little pampering before you’re bundle of joy arrives. Miss R. road-tripped it to us from a few hours away, and I’m so glad sh did! Miss R. is using these images during her baby shower, which I love! I hope all goes well during your delivery- hoping to get to meet your beautiful baby girl someday!